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“I prefer to think I’m just a man, not a poet part time, business man the rest. This is a fortunate thing, considering how inconsiderate the ravens are. I don’t divide my life, just go on living.”

Wallace Stevens
Vice President, Hartford Company (surety bonds)
Winner, 1955 Pulitzer Prize in poetry

I like ideas and creativity in all forms; I especially enjoy working with other creative/talented individuals to come up with new stuff. In the past, I’ve started a rock band, founded a tech startup, and been an editor of a small non-profit newspaper. It seems random, but you’d be surprised how similar it all looks from the inside.

My latest endeavor is Momento360, which allows you to view and share 360 photos and videos in both 2d and virtual reality.

I was born and raised in Seattle, whose sports teams I will always root for. I currently reside in San Francisco, CA.


I have some slight obsessive tendencies, and these have driven the three major phases of my life so far. In reverse order:

Technology/Startups (2005-present)

My current focus is as founder of a startup focused on 360 viewing/sharing of immersive media in 2d and VR (Momento360). This is my second tech startup; the first (and what brought me down to the Bay Area) is Captricity, which I started with my friend and classmate Kuang Chen. Before that, I worked at Microsoft on MSN and Bing Maps; I am a proud alum (class of 2005) of the University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Music (1992-2001/2004-2009)

I started the band Harvey Danger with my dear friend Aaron Huffman during the early 90s music boom in Seattle. We eventually cobbled together our first album which unexpectedly yielded a radio hit (“Flagpole Sitta”) and a gold record. In total, we released three albums (“Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?” (Slash/London, 1998), “King James Version” (Warner/Sire, 2000), “Little by Little” (Kill Rock Stars, 2005)) and one compilation (“Dead Sea Scrolls”). You can find these on your favorite online music store/streaming service; there is also a bunch of stuff available for free on (go to the downloads section).

We self-released “Little by Little” under a freemium model in 2005 which resulted in some media attention, most satisfyingly for me, resulted in this article in the Wall Street Journal online, where I appear in the same article as Radiohead (about the release of “In Rainbows.”) That was almost as cool as when “Weird Al” Yankovic did a polka version of “Flagpole Sitta.”

We ended the band in 2009; Aaron passed away in March 2016.

Journalism (1989-1995)

I started out at the University of Washington on a trajectory headed for medical school (via Computer Engineering, natch) but got diverted into the field of journalism when I started working at the student paper, The Daily of the University of Washington, which is pretty much where my real undergraduate education happened (it certainly wasn’t in class, since, well, I pretty much stopped going to class). I spent a summer in Tokyo covering the World Track and Field Championships for the Daily Yomiuri and had an internship at Newsday before taking a job as the Editor/Publisher of The International Examiner, where I got a pretty healthy dose of the reality of running a struggling publication.

Other biographical notes

Both my parents are from Penghu, a small island archipelago off the coast of Taiwan, itself an island off the coast of China. They immigrated to the United States in the early 1970s.

Old press clips/web link archive

Contact info

You can contact me via one of the above methods, or try:
jeff [–at–] jeffjlin [–dot–] com