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(Re) Introduction

February 21, 2013


A long time ago, I attempted to write a weekly column for The Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Washington. It was a terrible experience. I had a difficult time finding anything I felt was worth saying with any regularity, and it was a rarer occasion when something was published than when it wasn’t. Frankly I’m not sure I had much to say at 21 (or if I did, it wasn’t apparent).

That was a while ago — another attempt at a blog years later fizzled out after a couple posts. So why try it again? A couple reasons.

Time passes, and as it does, you accrue the lessons that come with age (usually through making mistakes — a lot of mistakes). Life has led me through a very winding road of seemingly random experiences — from running a small newspaper to starting a band that would have a radio hit and gold record to, most recently, co-founding a technology startup. Along the way I’ve collected quite a few stories and formulated a few theories/observations about how things work — rooted from my own experiences. I have a fairly wide range of interests so I’ll also probably use this place to indulge some of those as well as try to share some experiments/ideas that have been knocking about in my brain for a while.

And as my friend Paul once observed, having to keep up a blog is another reason to try and live a more interesting life, to do a few more things, if only just to have some new material.


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  1. robertlittwin #
    February 27, 2013

    My little brother and I used to call in to 107.7 The End and vote for your band on the #1 countdown. Now here we are sharing the human experience on WordPress. Having met artists, producers, and audio engineers whose work I have had engrained in my brain from childhood, I take comfort in the fact that we’re all just an odd collection of nervous ticks, bizarre preferences, and compulsions (with the exception of King Diamond, that guy is from another dimension). Having achieved more success than most, I’m sure you have a lot of fantastic stories. I am eager to hear them all.

    I find Ben Franklin to be most inspiring, “Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

    • March 1, 2013

      I’ll try to keep it interesting — and great Ben Franklin quote; I’m going to steal that!

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